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If you have been appointed an executor in someone's will, you need to get advice regarding whether or not you need to open up a probate proceeding. I offer a free consultation to help you decide what you have to do.

I have done many probates and pride myself on getting them done as quickly as possible. It does take time but it doesn't have to take years. Executors must do an accounting of all the financial matters of the estate so that the beneficiaries know that the estate has been handled property.


If you have been appointed the successor trustee of someone's living trust, you will need at least a consultation with me to learn what you have to legally do to transfer the assets to the beneficiaries. It is important to know that successor trustee's can be held liable for their negligence and they have to account to all the beneficiaries regarding all financial matters.


Sometimes a deceased person has a living trust but did not put all of their property into their living trust. When this happens, sometimes there has to be a probate but often a Heggstad Petition can be filed with the Probate Court. It is less expensive to do a Heggstad Petition but not every lawyer has done one. I have and I can help you with this if it is needed.

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